Wellington Shell Club

The Wellington Shell Club is for anyone interested in shell collecting (marine & land) or conchology generally.

The club has monthly meetings at different locations in the greater Wellington region and makes occasional field trips to other parts of New Zealand. The club publishes a monthly newsletter and an annual publication, Cookia

Adults and children interested in shells (both marine & land) from New Zealand or overseas are invited to join the club.

The first New Zealand Shell Show was held in 1995.  The most recent national shell show was hosted by the Wellington Shell Club in 2015.


If you have any queries about New Zealand or foreign shells or a general shell related enquiry please e-mail us.

We Buy Sea Shells $$$

The Wellington Shell Club is interested in acquiring shell collections, small or large and individual shells.

Sea shells in good condition which are not broken or beach worn are the most desirable.  New Zealand shells are usually preferred over foreign shells and shells or collections with individual collection data are generally more interesting than those with none.  Nevertheless, many shell collections often contain a few gems which are sought after by serious collectors. 

If you have shells or a shell collection for sale or to donate to the Wellington Shell Club please contact us for an initial discussion. If necessary an on-site assessment can be arranged. There are club members located in most parts of New Zealand.

What's New? 

We're also on Facebook. Check out the Wellington Shell Club's new Facebook page.

Scanned copies of the club's journal "Cookia" from Vol 1 - No 1 (Autumn 1976) to Vol 16 (2004) are now available on the Publications page. 

(page last updated October 2017)

What is the best thing about our club?

The people in the club are friendly and outgoing people who enjoy a good walk along the beach and sharing their knowledge and experiences about shells.