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Market Place

Market Place

Market Place is a service is available to everyone, whether or not you are a Wellington Shell Club member.

You can list any shell related items (shells, books, magazines, collections, etc) either for sale or to give-away.

You can also advertise your want-list or any shell related items you would like to obtain.

Contact rogermurex@gmail.com if you wish to add to this list.

Wanted to Buy - New Zealand Cones

Any NZ cones, in particular raoulensis, howelli, lischkeanus and erosaria cernica. Prospective sellers please see contact details below:
Jim & Leigh Crossland
Bayfield Enterprises
220 Springfield Road
St Albans
Christchurch 8014
New Zealand

Tel 64 3 3559433
Mob 021 025 13258

(this page last updated 17 November 2015)