About Us

The Wellington Shell Club is a non-profit organisation which has been in continuous existence since May 1955.

The Wellington Shell Club aims to encourage knowledge about and enthusiasm for both marine and land shells in a friendly and collegial atmosphere. 

The club has over 80 members.  Most are are from the wider Wellington region but membership includes shell collectors from around New Zealand and internationally. Those who belong to the club have a variety of backgrounds from raw beginners, casual beachcombers, amateur shell collectors and scientific conchology experts. 

The club holds regular monthly meetings (except December), usually on the fourth weekend of the month. Meetings are normally held at member's private homes and also occasionally at a Te Papa Tongarewa (Museum of New Zealand) facility located in Tory Street, Wellington.

The club has strong ties with Te Papa (and predecessor organisations) that date back to the club's formation in 1955.  The meetings held at Te Papa enable members to view the national shell collection, share their finds and consult with experts.

The Wellington Shell Club is New Zealand's second oldest shell club behind the Auckland Shell Club (established 1940).  There have been several shell interest groups active over the years but the only club remaining is the Whangarei Shell Club (established 1965). 

Regular field trips to locations all over New Zealand keep all of our national members involved in the club and provide regular opportunities to meet and talk shells.

A list of shell findings is maintained by the club. If you are interested in findings please contact us.

(page last updated June 2019)