The club's annual publication journal is "Cookia". 

"Cookia" contains specialist articles and items of general interest on shells and shell collecting. Articles are written by club members or may be contributed by relevant scientific institutions. "Cookia" has been published annually since 1976.

Publication costs are covered by membership fees. "Cookia" is distributed to members at the AGM/Christmas party which is usually held in late November each year.

Back copies

Back copies of "Cookia" are available for a fee plus postage. 

Individual articles and copies of the bulletins and study notes are also available. 

To order, write to Wellington Shell Club, P O Box 12163, Thorndon, Wellington 6144, New Zealand or e-mail us.

Monthly newsletter

The club sends out a monthly newsletter to members via email or post if required. This is a brief update advising members about what is happening, events and details of the next few meetings.

Index to Wellington Shell Club Publications 1956 to 2015
(Supplement to "Cookia" vol 27, December 2014)

A fully searchable index in PDF form of all club publications is available on line (refer file list below). 

Cleaning Shells

Among the most frequent questions asked by new collectors are those about cleaning shells.  There are two files in the list below which contain information for new and experienced shell collectors alike on various methods and techniques found to be useful.  The information provided was written by experienced New Zealand shell collectors.  While some of the references within the articles is dated the essential information is assessed as current.

Also included is a link to very good shell cleaning information on the Femorale website.

(page updated June 2017)

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